Testimonials - What Other People Say About Me

"A powerhouse of structure and strategy, accountability, focus and process to get sh*t done. In the best way possible for our business, our clients and the health and happiness of our teams.

The perfect mix."

- COO, Digital Agency

"I would have loved a final beer to celebrate the end of a very successful engagement. But I have a strong belief that this is not the end of us working together. I REALLY want you to help me build a big amazing company; full of amazing people."

- CEO, WorkerTech

"His technical ability and leadership is world class, hands down. He has the ability to solve challenges  in a way that’s empathetic to all... and everyone wins from the outcome "

- CEO, SaaS Software

"Ross Boardman is an excellent mentor and advisor to myself and the leadership team at my company and I would highly recommend his services. Ross provided clear, actionable insights that we were able to implement with our teams. His experience and "sounding board" abilities were fantastic."

- Associate Director, eCommerce

"It is an absolute pleasure working with Ross. A passionate, empathetic and knowledgable individual, his mentality on supporting individuals to better themselves is nothing short of inspirational, improving the entire business as a result from every aspect.

- Head Of Engineering, Tech

"I could not recommend Ross enough, any business would benefit from his supportive and impactful input, a true leader, I would follow him through hell and back."

- Technical Director, eCommerce

"His knowledge and how he applies it to teams, gets buy-in, commitment and motivation is mightily impressive."

- COO, Agency

"Ross provides a level of confidence your team needs to see, to push to the next level of their development. I look forward to continuing to learn from him and his network to continue to build and improve our team, and product that serves our customers. Highly recommended !"

- CEO, SaaS

"What can I say totally awesome! Very passionate, driven, naturally talented and a great mentor to the younger team members. His mind is a scary place sometimes but in a good way."

- Founder, Interior Design

"Ross is extremely passionate and driven  with perhaps the best breadth of experience and skill I have come across so far in my career. He understands such a wide range of disciplines and I've been impressed by his ability to consider the 10 foot view and the 100,000 foot view at the same time across that spectrum. He's very proactive and tenacious in spotting and resolving problems with process or performance and I've definitely learnt from him in that regard"

- Director, eCommerce

"Ross is 'real' in so far as you get the sense that he's been there, done it and got the scars to prove it. He hasn't 'fallen' into his role or got 'lucky' but worked for it over many years and I think he's all the better for it. The fact he can relate to me and the challenges I am facing so easily is what I've enjoyed most while working with him."

- Director, Recruitment

"Tireless in his quest for greatness, unwavering in his demand for quality, always focussed on providing best value to the business. When you're up against it, you want this man in your team. A remarkable individual, if a bit scruffy."

- Technical Director, Software
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